Derailment Detection

The model EDT101 derailment detectors are suitable for use in trains using indirect air brakes. If a wheelset happens to derail, the detectors induce an emergency application by venting the brake pipe. Once the brake pipe is entirely vented, the detectors return automatically to their starting position then independently returns to its operating state and a red cylinder on the indicator device shows which unit has reacted until the indicator is reset by hand. Since the detectors act pneumatically they can be installed in trains with either electrically or pneumatically controlled brakes..

EDT 101


  • Freight cars
  • Tank cars
  • Transport of dangerous goods


  • Increased safety for goods wagons, persons and environment
  • Reduces consequential damage of derailments
  • Issue of an immediate braking if an axle becomes derailed
  • Simple retro-fitting to existing wagons
  • Low running costs
  • Easy upgrading
  • High reliability
  • Self-contained wagon system
  • Good cost-benefit ratio
  • UIC approved
  • No false activation experienced


EDT 101