Sustainable supplier management

Knorr-Bremse would like to ensure that its commitment to responsible conduct is also found in the supply chain. For this reason we have started to integrate sustainability aspects into the Group’s procurement structures.

In both the Commercial Vehicle Systems and Rail Vehicle Systems divisions we have revised our quality management guidelines for procurement and added elements aimed at implementing the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. The quality management guidelines for procurement set requirements for continuously improving process, quality, environmental compatibility and productivity in close collaboration with suppliers. As part of the contract, these guidelines are binding for all suppliers of production materials.

To implement them, we have added questions about the ten principles of the UN Global Compact to our supplier evaluation questionnaires. This systematized audit process will in future enable us to check the extent to which suppliers are taking the ten principles into account and, if necessary, to derive recommendations and measures for improvement and implementation.

We have also incorporated sustainability aspects into the purchasing guidelines for indirect purchasing (non-production material). And when we select suppliers we also look at their activities in terms of environmental compatibility and social responsibility.

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