Passengers today expect a lot from modern local public transport vehicles. They demand a high degree of freedom of movement, comfort, and safety. As a result, the amount of space available for installing braking systems is becoming increasingly limited.

The challenge today is, therefore, to design extremely compact, light hydraulic systems, which combine safety, flexibility, and fast response characteristic with high performance. As a solution to this, Knorr-Bremse offers a wide product range which has contributed decisively to the development of new vehicle generations such as, for example, the low floor tramway.

Electro-Hydraulic Units

  • Compact design resulting in weight reduction
  • Fast response times due to hydraulic technology
  • Can be fitted in bogies, thus reducing amount of pipe work required
  • DC and three phase AC drive possible

Braking Pressure Generator

  • Designed as active brake or spring applied construction
  • Clamping forces in a range of 10 kN to 110 kN (kilonewtons), in combination with extremly light and compact design
  • Integration of special functions such as emergency release functionally, adaption of speed sensor etc., possible
  • Designs for a wide range of bogies available

Hydraulic Leveling and Suspension Systems

  • High level of ride comfort – comparable to air suspension
  • Leveling control possible
  • Integration into braking system – controlled by same hydraulic medium
  • Integrated vertical damping
  • Horizontal recentring force integrated into strut
  • Significantly less space required than with pneumatic systems

Braking System Components

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