Bogie Equipment

The bogie equipment is the part of the overall system that actually generates the braking force.

Thanks to continuous product and system innovation in this demanding product area, braking performance, life-cycle costs, noise emissions and installation costs have been significantly improved – to the very highest level and safety standard.

In the course of this, every piece of bogie equipment is individually designed, i.e. to take into account customer-specific operating conditions, operating area and installation conditions.

Brake Discs

  • Wheel or axle-mounted versions
  • Materials: steel, grey cast iron, nodular graphite cast iron, aluminum, or fiber-reinforced ceramic
  • Split or non-split friction rings
  • Modular construction

Brake Pads

  • High-performance materials for high braking power (i.e. ISOBAR® high-temperature lining)
  • High wear resistance
  • Simple replacement
  • Life-cycle costs optimized development of friction pairings

Brake Caliper Units

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Simple bogie installation
  • Low life-cycle costs

Block Brake Units

  • Single or double block versions
  • Robust design for the most varied climatic conditions
  • Economic solution for a variety of applications

UIC Brake Cylinders and Slack Adjusters

  • Various sizes for different braking requirements
  • Extremely robust, low maintenance costs

Track Brakes

  • Braking device independent of wheel-to-rail adhesion
  • Enhances the overall braking efficiency of the vehicle
  • Available as electromagnet or eddy-current brake
  • Available as high or low suspension mounting

Conventional or Compact Braking Equipment for:

  • All four axle freight wagons with Y25 bogie
  • Freight wagons with reduced noise emissions
  • Freight wagons for difficult environments
  • Adaptation to customer-specific bogies possible

Braking System Components

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